Would you like to organise an AWAWS event? If so, become a volunteer!

Australasian Women in Ancient World Studies is a professional organisation established for women and men committed to gender equality and diversity in ancient world studies. This includes classics, ancient history, ancient languages and archaeology (all periods).

We aim, through professional networks, to meet and interact about our research and teaching experiences and to consider how these are affected by gender. We advocate for issues of importance to our members. We are interested in a wide range of professional issues with a specific interest in the particular traditions and requirements of our disciplines. We regularly organise panels on Australasian ancient world conferences, specifically ASCS and AMPHORAE, and we facilitate research collaborations involving our members.

In 2014 we offered our first research grant, open to all members. In early 2018 we doubled the amount and awarded our fifth annual research grant. Funding is also available to local chapters, and we currently have affiliated chapters in Armidale, Auckland, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. Past activities hosted by AWAWS local chapters include symposia, lectures, professional development opportunities and social events. In future we hope to add to the range of scholarships available to individuals and funding provided to local chapters.

An ongoing aim of the society is to recognise the achievements of many pioneering women by preserving and disseminating the history of these scholars.

For more information, please contact socawaws [at] gmail.com and consider joining our AWAWS Facebook page.


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