ALIA ASTRA: A History of Australasian Women in Ancient World Studies

While women are conspicuous in number and achievement in Australian history, they remain largely unacknowledged and underrepresented in continuing positions and research fellowships in Australasian Ancient World Studies. The absence of any comprehensive history of Australasian women involved in the study of the ancient world contributes to marginalising the impact of women on the discipline.

This workshop aims to consolidate efforts to collect and work up data towards a history of Australasian women in Ancient World Studies by bringing together everyone who has worked on, or is undertaking, research on women in the field in Australia and New Zealand.

If you are working on the living or past history of women in the discipline please come and share your findings and join us to map out a special journal issue dedicated to a history of women in the discipline in the next two years as well as a five-year strategy for the ongoing effort to collect, archive, and disseminate information on women in the discipline for the future.

The workshop will involve three planning sessions on Friday the 26th of April at Macquarie University in which research already completed or underway will be reported on, desiderata identified, and tasks assigned. The day will culminate in a panel presentation, open to the public, which will discuss the issues involved in developing a history of women in the field.

If you are interested in participating in this workshop and /or contributing to the project, please register here. If you cannot attend but have worked in this area, please register to let us know about your efforts.

Please click here to register for the PUBLIC EVENT only (featuring Natalie Looyer, Mary Spongberg and Michelle Arrow).

Australasian Women in Ancient World Studies:
Fostering gender equity and diversity