Local Chapters and Events

Local chapters are essential for the success of the organisation. Because Australasian meetings are only held once a year and not all members are able to attend, it is through local chapter meetings that members can meet on a regular basis. If you live in an area without a local chapter and you would like start one, please contact socawaws [@] gmail.com. At the moment, we have local chapters in Armidale, Auckland, Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. Please follow the links for further information about local chapter events.

Armidale Chapter

Co-chair: Dr Bronwyn Hopwood, University of New Enlgand
Co-chair: Dr Sarah Lawrence, University of new England
Co-chair: Kylie Constantine, University of New England

Auckland Chapter

Co-chair: Katrina Edwards, University of Auckland
Co-chair: Christina Robertson, University of Auckland
Co-chair: Dr Jennifer Hellum, University of Auckland
Co-chair: Dr Maxine Lewis, University of Auckland

Canberra Chapter

Chair: Fiona Sweet-Formiatti, Australian National University

Melbourne Chapter

Co-chair: Larissa Tittl, University of Melbourne
Co-chair: Linda Sonego, La Trobe University

Sydney Chapter

Sydney Chapter Facebook
Co-chair: Lauren Dundler, Macquarie University
Co-chair: Natalie Mylonas, Macquarie University


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