Natalie Mylonas, Sydney Chapter Co-Chair, sends the following report and pictures from a recent book launch held at the University of Sydney CCNESA. The first photo shows Kirra Larkin (left) and Lauren Dundler (Sydney Chapter Co-Chair, on the right). The second photo shows all six authors, with facilitator Associate Professor Kathryn Welch (University of Sydney) at centre.

lauren and kirragroup

On 10th August, the AWAWS Sydney chapter celebrated the achievements of Sydney women in Ancient World Studies with the exciting release of six new works that add to our understanding of the Ancient World. The event, generously supported by AWAWS, the Ancient Cultures Research Centre (Macquarie University) and the University of Sydney, celebrated and acknowledged the following recently published monographs:

Associate Professor Julia Kindt (University of Sydney), Revisiting Delphi: Religion and Storytelling in Ancient Greece.

Honorary Senior Lecturer Frances Muecke (University of Sydney), Rome in Triumph, Volume 1, Books I-II, Biondo Flavio. Translated by Frances Muecke.

Dr Kit Morrell (University of Sydney), Pompey, Cato, and the Governance of the Roman Empire.

Dr Elodie Paillard (University of Sydney), The Stage and the City. Non-elite Characters in the Tragedies of Sophocles.

Dr Louise Pryke (Macquarie University), Gods and Heroes of the Ancient World: Ishtar.

Dr Anne Rogerson (University of Sydney), Virgil’s Ascanius: Imagining the Future in the Aeneid.

The evening, which was hosted by The Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies (University of Sydney), began with refreshments at 6:30pm followed by an introduction by the evening’s facilitator Associate Professor Kathryn Welch (University of Sydney). We then had the pleasure of hearing about the fascinating research of our featured academics from their esteemed colleagues.

Lauren and I would like to extend our warmest appreciation to Daniel Hanigan (University of Sydney) and Kirra Larkin (University of Sydney) for all their help in organising this event, and to the generous support from AWAWS, the Ancient Cultures Research Centre, and the University of Sydney.



Sydney Meet and Greet, 17th May (Macquarie University)

The AWAWS Sydney Chapter warmly invites you to its first event for 2017. Please join us for an informal afternoon to welcome new and existing supporters and introduce our 2017 program of events.

Date: May 17, 2017
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Location: Museum of Ancient Cultures, X5B, Macquarie University

Please RSVP by May 12 for catering purposes. Refreshments will be provided.


Sydney Chapter End of Year Event, 19th December (Macquarie University)

On Monday 19th December 2016 AWAWS Sydney celebrated 2016 by reflecting on the year that has been, looking forward to our plans for 2017 and paying tribute to Professor Alanna Nobbs at our end of year celebration. Professor Nobbs, whose mammoth contribution to the discipline has spanned over 60 years, will retire in 2017, bringing in the end of an era at Macquarie University.

In her honour, Sydney AWAWS was proud to announce the establishment of the “Alanna Nobbs Prize for year one Master of Research coursework” which will be introduced in 2017. This prize will be awarded annually to the highest performing female student in the first year of the Master of Research (coursework). This prize seeks to acknowledge the hard work and outstanding achievements of women pursuing ancient history at postgraduate level. The winner will be presented with a certificate of achievement and a voucher for the Macquarie University Co-Op Bookshop. The AWAWS Sydney chapter hopes to establish a corresponding award for Honours students at the University of Sydney in 2017.

Sydney Chapter October Panel, 5th October (Macquarie University)

On Wednesday 5th October, at the Museum of Ancient Cultures, Macquarie University, AWAWS Sydney hosted a panel entitled “Cross-Generational Disciplinary Experiences”, attended by approximately 30 people. The panel members, Associate Professor Lesley Beaumont, Professor Alanna Nobbs, and Dr Ronika Power, generously shared a wealth of knowledge regarding their personal experiences as women who have been in Ancient World Studies for a collective time of over 100 years. Some questions that were put to the panel included: What advice to do you have for women starting out in the discipline? How have you managed to overcome negative experiences in your academic career? Is a balance between personal life and professional life possible for an academic?

The panel was followed by questions from the audience and an opportunity for all in attendance to mingle over drinks and canapés.


October panel: Associate Professor Lesley Beaumont, Professor Alanna Nobbs, and Dr Ronika Power

Sydney Chapter AWAWS Event, 27th April (Macquarie University)

On the 27th of April Macquarie University hosted the first AWAWS Sydney Chapter event for 2016. The Sydney Chapter Chairs were delighted to see over 20 AWAWS members from a range of institutions, including staff, postgraduates and alumni from Sydney University, Macquarie University and UNSW attend.

Dr Lea Beness presented a paper entitled “Pioneering Women in Ancient World Studies”, in which she discussed the significant contributions of women to ancient world studies from the 17th to the 20th century. With characteristic wit and sophistication, Dr Beness inspired the Sydney chapter by highlighting the tireless work of women whose research on the ancient world spanned from the Near East to Rome, including Hariet Boyd, Jane Harrison, and Beryl Rawson, to name a few.

Her words set the mood for events to come and invited us to reflect how far we have come as women in our discipline, allowing us to focus on what we want to achieve together in the future.

Selective Bibliography and Readings for Pioneering Women of Ancient World Studies paper.


AWAWS Sydney Chapter End of Year Celebration

On Friday 20th November, the AWAWS Sydney Chapter met at Macquarie University to celebrate 2015 and welcome the year ahead. The severe heat wave didn’t discourage attendance, with over 35 postgraduates, post doctoral researchers and alumnae coming together over some bubbly and canapés.

The speaker of the afternoon, Alex Woods, highlighted some of the stand out achievements of 2015, including the ARC research grant awarded to herself, Linda Evans, Janice Kamrin and Naguib Kanawati. She also spoke openly and honestly about some of the personal challenges she faces daily as a woman in the academe and drew attention to the fact that, while we have come along way, there is still much progress needed for women in academia.

It was encouraging to see so many women from such diverse age groups, life experience and research backgrounds come together and share their passion for promoting the equity, diversity and advancement of women in Ancient World Studies. The Sydney Chapter looks forward to 2016 and wishes all members of AWAWS a happy and relaxing holiday season.


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